When you buy a car, you have the right to be told the truth about its history. If you have purchased a vehicle which was previously involved in an accident or was used as a rental car, you may be entitled to monetary compensation under the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

Cars that were previously flood cars (such as in the aftermath of hurricanes), were issued salvage titles, or had been damaged or totaled in an accident, are often sold to unsuspecting consumers. Sometimes, at the time of purchase, the salesperson will misrepresent the history or the condition of the car, will omit important facts in the history of the car or will conceal facts to induce you to purchase a car.

You may be entitled to recover a partial refund on your purchase price, or you may be entitled to have the dealership take back your car and return the money you paid for it. The law even allows you to recover your attorney’s fees and costs from the defendant! If you don’t recover, neither do we.